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What to do if you're bitten by a dog in Orange County

Getting bitten by a dog can be a terrifying experience, but even if you're scared or confused following an attack, there are some things that need to be done to help you and to prevent injuries to others.

To start with, the bite needs to be reported. Anyone who has knowledge of a bite has to report it according to the Orange County Code of Ordinances. Witnesses, owners, and bite victims all have this responsibility. If an owner is present, then information on the dog's health and vaccines, along with information on the owner, needs to be provided to the victim as soon as possible. The time the owner has to provide this information is only 48 hours at maximum.

University of California admits liability in death of student

Young adults are often pushed hard when they play sports; teams are expected to do well and train to extremes. Sometimes, these activities can be hard on athletes, especially if they have a chronic condition to monitor. The problem happens when the coaches on a team aren't paying enough attention to a player's health, putting that player in danger. If a parent loses a child because of this behavior, a wrongful death lawsuit can help penalize those who were negligent and recover compensation for the parents.

Interestingly, the University of California has admitted its own liability in the case of the death of a football player. The player died in 2014 as a result of an extensive team workout. According to the story, the man died on the morning of Feb. 7, 2014, and it has been attributed to the young man's sickle cell trait. People with this condition are more likely to suffer from muscle breakdown and heat stroke when participating in intense exercise. The young man also had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy listed as a potential cause of death.

Drowning and liability: Claiming for negligence

Unintentional drownings are normally accidents, but this doesn't mean that someone isn't liable. If a child dies from drowning due to negligence or distractions, the person who was meant to be monitoring the child could be liable. The same is true of a property owner if negligence led to drowning on site.

Between 2005 and 2009, there were around 3,533 unintentional fatal drownings around the United States each year. Over 50 percent of victims had to be treated in emergency rooms; they had to be hospitalized and transferred for care in some cases. Drownings don't have to be fatal; nonfatal drownings can, however, cause serious brain injuries and long-term disabilities.

What are some motorcyclist fatality facts?

Motorcycles are much more dangerous than four-wheeled vehicles. It comes down to the dangers of being on busy roadways where drivers are constantly distracted, speeding and doing other activities besides driving. Instead of looking out for motorcyclists, drivers might be looking at their phones, talking to people in their vehicles or taking their eyes off the roads. That could mean serious injuries or deaths if the vehicle collides with the motorcycle. Families are then left to deal with the aftermath, which can involve funerals, medical bills and lengthy court cases.

Motorcyclists have a 35 times greater risk of being in a fatal car crash than those in passenger vehicles. What makes them so likely to be seriously injured or killed? The basic facts are that motorcyclists have little protection against the impact of a heavy vehicle. Even with a helmet, a head-on collision can cause a person to be thrown from the motorcycle, to hit the hood or side of a vehicle, to slam onto the ground, break bones, skid and otherwise get maimed or injured. From road rash to concussions and broken bones, motorcyclists can be hurt in many ways in a collision.

Negligence claim filed in wrongful death of pilot and others

Something you don't hear about often is the impact a plane crash can have on a family. They aren't common occurrences; fewer plane accidents happen each year than car accidents, even though the number of people who may be affected could be higher than in a vehicular accident.

The problem with plane crashes is that even a minor error in timing during landing or takeoff can result in a crash that is completely devastating to the pilot and everyone inside. If you're involved in a plane crash or lose a loved one in the crash, finding out the exact reason for the accident is important. If negligence is the problem, then you may be able to make a claim like this family has done.

What are the symptoms of brain injuries in children?

Brain injuries in children can cause conditions that last a lifetime. Some injuries will heal, while others leave disabling issues as a result. For those between 0 and 16, around 62,000 end up suffering fro brain injuries that require hospitalization. These injuries may be caused by falls, car accidents, sports injuries, or other accidents.

If you don't think that number seems high, remember that another 564,000 children are taken to the hospital and released, and there are around 2,685 deaths because of injuries each year for those up to age 14 alone.

You can make a claim for compensation after a collision

Car accidents can be violent; you and your loved ones may have been severely injured by a driver colliding with your vehicle. After a crash, it's important to look into your options for proving liability. The driver who caused your accident should be held accountable for your injuries, so you don't have to worry about where the money for your care will come from.

There are many kinds of collisions that can take place. Some can make it obvious who is at fault. For example, a left-turn collision is almost always the fault of the person who decided to make a left turn in front of oncoming traffic. In a case where you're injured because of a driver making a left turn, you should be able to make a claim fairly easily.

Hurt athlete plays in final game against school's wishes

When you suffer from a concussion or other injury, you should expect that a doctor or medical provider will be accurate when he or she releases you back into your normal routine. If not, further injuries could be possible and you could end up making your initial brain injury worse.

In this story, a young athlete suffered a concussion, but he fought to get back on the field even though his own coach and school district requires seven days off following an injury of that level. Still, his parents were able to get him back into the game a day early. How? A doctor signed off on it, because she claimed he was well enough to play.

What complications can arise from a spinal cord injury?

No two patients are exactly alike, so knowing the exact kinds of complications that you could suffer from is an impossibility. However, there are some commonly seen complications with spinal cord injuries that you should know about. These should be taken into account when you plan to file a claim for compensation for an injury.

One common complication is trouble with bladder control. In some cases, you may lose it completely. What does that mean for your health? You may be at higher risk of urinary tract infections and bladder or kidney stones. Some people must use catheters due to having no control over the bladder.

Unsafe hotel fitness rooms pose hazards to visitors

When you go to a hotel, one of the exciting parts of your stay may be the access to extra facilities. Things like an in-house restaurant or fitness facility can be fun to have on hand, but there are some risks when you want to use them. Fitness centers in particular pose hazards to those staying at hotels.

First of all, exercise is a risk in and of itself. A hotel has to be prepared to be held liable for injuries you suffer in a fitness facility, but this is true only if you get hurt due to the hotel's negligence or unsafe property in most cases. For example, if you get an injury because a machine's weights were too heavy and dropped unexpectedly, the hotel may be liable. If the machine wasn't cared for or maintained, this is a likely result.



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