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Suspect found in fatal motorcycle accident in Modjeska

Motorcycle crashes are usually serious due to the fact that riders have few protections against the impact of a larger vehicle. In most cases, drivers who hit motorcyclists stop at the scene to assist. This is the law, and it's the morally sound thing to do. When they don't stop, drivers can be charged with a hit-and-run and potentially other criminal charges.

This hit-and-run case is unique in that police have had to investigate a number of avenues to find the suspect. On Aug. 1, a fatal motorcycle accident took place in Modjeska Canyon. The motorcyclist passed away from the injuries suffered, and a female passenger was left with severe injuries.

Can a woman with a spinal cord injury get pregnant?

If you've suffered a spinal cord injury and want to get pregnant or have become pregnant, there are things you should know about your health. While it is still possible to get pregnant, there are some serious medical conditions to consider along with the social and psychological aspects of delivering a child as a person living with paralysis.

Doesn't a spinal injury disrupt the menstrual cycle?

Determining the impact of traumatic brain injuries

With brain injuries, much is unknown. Whether or not a person recovers well is as much a product of therapy as it is the body's ability to heal. These are some common questions you may be asking before you file your lawsuit.

Is it possible that a person's prognosis will change over time?

Family files civil lawsuit against truck driver for fatal crash

When a loved one is killed in a truck accident, you may not be immediately focused on filing a lawsuit. Taking your time is fine as long as you make sure you file in time for the statute of limitations. In this case, for instance, the family of a man who was killed on Christmas Eve, 2015, just filed a lawsuit against a big-rig driver in July, 2016.

The crash, which took place when a 27-year-old driver allowed his rig to cross the center line and into oncoming traffic, took the life of a 33-year-old man. His family has filed a claim alleging negligence. Another man also impacted by the crash, the driver of a second vehicle that was hit, suffered severe injuries and has also filed against the driver citing negligence as a cause of the accident. The article claims there was also a third man who was involved and who tried to avoid the collision; he struck the big rig and suffered major injuries as well.

Staying safe: Amusement parks and your personal safety

Staying safe on a fun day out at an amusement park should seem fairly easy, right? There are many things that could cause you injuries, though, even if it seems like the park should be safe for visitors. While most injuries are self-inflicted, like kids who trip and scrape themselves or those who get dehydrated in the sun, some are caused by the property's hazards or maintenance issues.

Accidents happen at amusement parks all the time; whether it's an injury from a ride malfunction or scrapes from waterslides, the theme park should have safety measures in place to help. Sometimes, these issues can be hard to predict. How can you stay safe? Try some of these tips, particularly if you have children.

Motorcyclists and drivers should be aware of each other

Vehicle drivers and motorcyclists both have an important duty on the road: being aware of those around them. They need to share the responsibility of having a safe driving experience and environment. How can they do this? Motorcyclists need to know that defensive driving will help them, while drivers need to be aware that motorcyclists may be closer than they appear.

With 862,705 registered motorcycles in California and over 1.4 million riders, the number of motorcyclists on the roads is sure to increase during the summer and fall months. California is one of the best states for motorcyclists thanks to the warm weather and easy roadways, so there may not be times during the year without them on the roads. That's why it's so important to remember that motorcyclists and drivers of other motor vehicles have the same rights on the roads.

Boating safety key to safety in summer months

Boat safety is important at all times but particularly during holidays. When the holidays approach, more people are on the water, and those on board may be drinking or enjoying other activities that could potentially put them in danger.

If you're on a boat and are hit by another boater or someone you love has drowned because of being involved in an accident, then you know how important it is that people are careful on the water. While you can make a claim, that won't help reverse the damage that has been done.

Pool party hosts can be held accountable for your injuries

Summer is here, and that means you may want to have a pool party or to go to a pool party in your neighborhood. There are inherent risks to swimming, but there are some steps that the pool owner can take to make sure the pool party is legally protected against lawsuits. If the owner doesn't take these precautions and you get hurt, you could be in a position to file a claim for your injuries.

The first thing the owner should do is make sure the pool water is safe and has balanced chemicals. You don't want to swim in chemicals that aren't meant to be in a pool, and even pool-safe chemicals need to be balanced to be safe for swimmers.

Are motorcycle crashes increasing in the United States?

Motorcycle crashes affect people all the time; you may have lost a loved one in a crash or be suffering the effects of a collision on your own body.

For instance, did you know that in 2014, a total of 4,586 people were killed in motorcycle accidents? That's a drop in the number of deaths by about 2.3 percent from the year before. The same year, injuries increased by around 4.5 percent.

Secondary injuries after a spinal cord: Deep Vein Thrombosis

When you suffer a spinal cord injury, there are many things you will need to worry about. Whether it's getting new medical equipment or learning to live with a disability, you're already focused heavily on your health and future. What you probably didn't consider initially was the possibility of a secondary injury.

Secondary injuries are very common for those who suffer this kind of severe injury. Spinal cord injuries can influence the way the body's circulation works, and that means you're more likely to develop blood clots. One of the most serious conditions that can result as a secondary effect is deep vein thrombosis.



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