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You can get the help you need after brain trauma

One type of brain injury that can occur in a car accident is one caused by a penetrating injury. Whether it's a shard of glass, or piping off the back of a truck or another material, a penetrating injury is caused when an object pierces the skull and enters the brain.

When this kind of injury occurs, several things happen. There is bleeding. This can cause swelling within the skull, which puts pressure on the brain.

Playground injuries: You may have a claim for your child's injury

Playground injuries are horrifying to parents and those caring for children. They're sometimes caused by simple falls, while other times dangerous playground equipment breaks or has parts that injure a child. When a child gets hurt on playground equipment, it's important to determine who is liable. For example, if your child is hurt on the school playground, it's likely that the school would be held liable for your child's injuries if the playground was not maintained properly.

As another example, imagine a city park's playground. It's been neglected, and the metal is rusted. If your child is cut on the metal poles that are now falling apart due to neglect, you may be able to sue the city for failing to maintain the public space.

Motorcyclists face extra hazards on the roads

Motorcyclists are some of the most at-risk drivers on the roads. They're more exposed than others, and they have the potential to be badly hurt in an accident. The size of a motorcycle matters, too, as other drivers may not see it or could misinterpret how fast it's traveling.

It's a sad fact that most motorcycle accidents involving another vehicle are a result of the driver turning left in front of the motorcyclist. By crossing into the motorcyclist's path, the driver gives him or her no chance to avoid the accident, leading to a head-on collision for the motorcyclist. As a motorcyclist, you can help prevent these accidents by staying alert and making sure to slow down when approaching obvious intersections.

Massage therapist accused of murder after patient dies

It's important to always know your medical providers, whether they practice natural medicines or cosmetic surgeries. When a person is practicing medicine illegally, that person puts you at risk of contracting infections and suffering other serious side effects. That's what happened in this case.

A massage therapist has been accused of murder after her client passed away at a local Long Beach salon. According to the police, the massage therapist performed a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that she was not licensed to perform. The client went into cardiac arrest at the salon.

Can you file a claim if there's a wet floor sign?

You were headed into a movie theater, not expecting anything bad to happen. You notice a wet floor sign, which is likely because of the wet weather outside. You walk into the main hallway and slip. When you fall, you try to catch yourself and end up with a broken wrist.

Can you sue if you fall and hurt yourself despite a wet floor sign being present?

Trees can pose serious risks to people and property

Storms in California have highlighted how important it is to stay vigilant when the weather turns sour. Even in seemingly safe spaces, trees that have not been maintained have the potential to fall over and crush people, vehicles, property and pets. Trees have a purpose, and they not only appear beautiful but also help cleanse the atmosphere. The problem is not that trees are present, it's that not maintaining them can pose a risk.

Trees easily drop dead branches, and those rotting from within have the potential to get blown over in the wind. Fallen trees can potentially damage power lines, creating a risk of electrocution, and can impact homes and vehicles.

Fireworks are beautiful and dangerous with a potential for harm

When it comes to holiday seasons, there are usually fireworks. The beginning of February is Chinese New Year, and with that comes parades, exciting firework displays and other events. While these can be exciting, they can also pose risks. Fireworks that are uncontrolled could shoot into a crowd, cause fires and put people in danger.

When a business puts on a fireworks display, its that business's responsibility to keep people safe and to follow the regulations implemented by the state. When they don't, it can cause serious harm to others. For instance, in 2013, a defective firework shell exploded early on a California crowd. That sent pieces of the firework into the crowd, injuring 39 people.

New treatment helps reduce neuropathy in spinal injury patients

Spinal cord injuries are serious, leading to problems like nerve damage and paralysis. Whether you're injured in a car accident or suffer an injury playing sports, the outcome is the same; the spine absorbs the impact and can become damaged. If the spinal cord is disrupted, you could find that you have a variety of symptoms, making it hard to live without pain.

When you suffer a spinal injury, there is a chance that you will still suffer pain despite being paralyzed in that area of the body. This is due to the fact that the nerves misfire, causing them to create electrical "shocks." When you're unable to move the parts of the body that are suffering and no medications work to reduce the pain, it can be an excruciating existence.

How does California define a wrongful death?

No one wants to lose someone they love in an accident. It's tragic, and it's painful to try to work through the funeral, lawsuits and emotional toll all at the same time. It's important to allow your attorney to take some of that stress of you during that time, so you can focus on your family and your own emotional recovery.

How can you prove a wrongful death in court?

Can a minor spinal injury cause lasting pain or other symptoms?

Even minor spinal cord injuries can have lasting effects on the body. Minor injuries can be anything from slight herniations to cracks in the disks. Whenever swelling or a herniation puts pressure on the spinal cord, pain, odd sensation like heat, cold or tingling and other effects can take place.

Some symptoms you may face if you've suffered a spinal cord injury include spasticity, a loss of normal bowel or bladder control, sensory changes, weakness, paralysis, sensory changes, pain and numbness. People with minor injuries may have these symptoms on and off, as disks shift or swelling dissipates.



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