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You deserve all the best care for your spinal cord injury

After you suffer a spinal injury, your entire life could change. You might be struggling with daily tasks or have multiple appointments with medical providers just to stabilize your condition. Around 250,000 people in the United States live with a spinal cord injury, so you should not think you're on your own. Of those people, about half have quadriplegia, which means that all four of their limbs are affected to some degree.

How much does it cost to manage spinal cord injury care?

Shopping injuries: What you need to know to get the care you need

Shopping injuries happen when you're at a store or business. These injuries can range from slip-and-fall accidents to head injuries from hitting the ground after falling or from hitting your head on a display. Shopping cart injuries can occur if you pinch your fingers in the grating, and overcrowding can lead to trampling injuries. Even parking lots can be dangerous, particularly if there is snow or ice that could lead to slipping.

What should you do if you've been injured in a shop?

Why do personality changes happen with some brain injuries?

Brain injuries do more than affect a person's ability to speak or move in the way that they did in the past. Some traumatic brain injuries may result in a complete change in a person's personality, which can be hard for a family to understand. How could an impact significantly alter a person's behavior?

Personality changes aren't uncommon following a traumatic brain injury, and there are a few reasons for that. First, the brain has been disrupted. Since the brain takes in information and uses its various mechanisms to process and respond to that information, any changes in how the information is processed can result in changes in behavior. The limbic system may be affected, changing how much control a person has over his or her emotions. The cerebral cortex could be affected, altering the person's ability to think through a problem or situation.

Spinal fractures: The challenges of a spinal injury

With an arm or leg, fractures are simple breaks in a bone that heal relatively easily and with little pain in most cases. A fracture in the spine is different. It can lead to bone fragments pinching and putting pressure on the spinal nerves or spinal cord; this can lead to permanent damage.

Some common reasons for spinal fractures include falls, car accidents and sports injuries. When the spinal column takes the impact from the fall or collision, it can crack under pressure. Fractures of the vertebrae may be minor or lead to full dislocations, which can be damaging and debilitating. If the injury is bad enough, it can be difficult to walk, move the arms or legs or result in chronic pain.

Lane-splitting drivers: Dangerous or safer for motorcyclists?

A highway maneuver known as lane splitting gives motorcyclists the ability to pass other traffic by weaving in and out between the lanes. This is illegal in all states except for California. The problem with this act in California is that there is no research being performed to see if lane splitting is dangerous or to find out how many accidents are a result of this action.

In one incident, a man who decided to travel between two vehicles ended up in a fatal accident. The vehicles got closer together in their lanes than expected, catching him off guard and leading to a crash. It draws concerns because the act is legal; the liability in the collision can be harder to determined. In other states, a crash would be attributed to dangerous driving on the motorcyclist's part.

Hotels and safety: You can make a claim if you get hurt

Hotels are supposed to be safe for people who visit them. You expect to walk in without tripping on rugs, slipping on wet floors or being injured by other things around you. Unfortunately, slip, trip and fall accidents do still happen, and the premises may be liable for any injuries suffered due to those accidents if there wasn't a warning about the risk of the wet or dangerous flooring.

Slip and fall injuries are particularly common in the hospitality injury, resulting in around 40 to 50 percent of all costs for accidents involving guests at hotels. In addition to that, many of the people who become injured are over the age of 50, since around 80 percent of all luxury travel is purchased by that age group.

Suspect found in fatal motorcycle accident in Modjeska

Motorcycle crashes are usually serious due to the fact that riders have few protections against the impact of a larger vehicle. In most cases, drivers who hit motorcyclists stop at the scene to assist. This is the law, and it's the morally sound thing to do. When they don't stop, drivers can be charged with a hit-and-run and potentially other criminal charges.

This hit-and-run case is unique in that police have had to investigate a number of avenues to find the suspect. On Aug. 1, a fatal motorcycle accident took place in Modjeska Canyon. The motorcyclist passed away from the injuries suffered, and a female passenger was left with severe injuries.

Can a woman with a spinal cord injury get pregnant?

If you've suffered a spinal cord injury and want to get pregnant or have become pregnant, there are things you should know about your health. While it is still possible to get pregnant, there are some serious medical conditions to consider along with the social and psychological aspects of delivering a child as a person living with paralysis.

Doesn't a spinal injury disrupt the menstrual cycle?

Determining the impact of traumatic brain injuries

With brain injuries, much is unknown. Whether or not a person recovers well is as much a product of therapy as it is the body's ability to heal. These are some common questions you may be asking before you file your lawsuit.

Is it possible that a person's prognosis will change over time?

Family files civil lawsuit against truck driver for fatal crash

When a loved one is killed in a truck accident, you may not be immediately focused on filing a lawsuit. Taking your time is fine as long as you make sure you file in time for the statute of limitations. In this case, for instance, the family of a man who was killed on Christmas Eve, 2015, just filed a lawsuit against a big-rig driver in July, 2016.

The crash, which took place when a 27-year-old driver allowed his rig to cross the center line and into oncoming traffic, took the life of a 33-year-old man. His family has filed a claim alleging negligence. Another man also impacted by the crash, the driver of a second vehicle that was hit, suffered severe injuries and has also filed against the driver citing negligence as a cause of the accident. The article claims there was also a third man who was involved and who tried to avoid the collision; he struck the big rig and suffered major injuries as well.



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