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Possibility of hotel injury could be a concern

Many California residents stay in hotels for a variety of reasons, including business trips and family vacations. Many others visit California and stay in one of California's numerous hotels for the same reasons. While residing in a hotel, one is typically aware of the traditional concerns, such as theft and pickpocketing. The idea of a hotel injury is usually not a primary concern.

In an effort to prevent injuries to its guests, many hotels have enacted safety procedures and equipment. Balconies have railings, and many upper windows without balconies will only open slightly. These precautions are to prevent someone from falling to the ground below.

Premises liability can be a concern for California property owner

Many California families decide to host parties, dinners or other types of gatherings at their homes. During the initial planning phases, thought is given to how many people to invite and what to serve. The decision as to whom and how many to invite is often driven by both budget and available room to properly accommodate the guests. The diligent host or hostess is aware that he or she could be subject to premises liability problems if someone is injured on his or her property.

Recently, a family in another state decided to host a religious ceremony in their home. It is estimated that around 125 people were in attendance. A large number of guests were gathered in an upstairs garage apartment when its flooring collapsed.

Radio Shack wins slip and fall injury case

Business owners have to be careful nowadays when dealing with the public. Although the consumers are the engines that drive a business, the public can also be a financial threat if a person decides to sue a business in California or any other state for some reason. Radio Shack recently experienced this after it was named a defendant in a slip and fall injury lawsuit.

The plaintiff filed a lawsuit against the store after he slipped and fell on ice on the sidewalk next to the store. The incident had occurred in early February 2009, and the lawsuit was filed in April 2011. The initial complaint stated that he had fallen while leaving Radio Shack. However, the complaint was later amended to state that he had not even entered the store when he was injured from the fall.

A slip and fall accident can happen quickly

Most California residents have some personal experience with a slip and fall accident. It is easy to get out of the tub and slip; it is just as easy to slip on slick ice. Most accidents occur in and around the home, although they can also occur in a place of business. Recently, a woman in another state filed a lawsuit against a retail store, alleging that she was the victim of a slip and fall accident.

According to details provided in the lawsuit, an employee of the store was assisting the woman with a large item. The employee was pushing the item on a cart for her. As the employee suddenly stopped, this action caused the woman to slip and fall. She claimed that, as a result of this accident, she has suffered permanent injury and has and will continue to incur medical expenses.

Park facing premises liability after child's death

A park is faced with a civil claim after a deadly incident happened on their grounds. A 10-year-old girl reportedly died after she drowned in a pond. The family has filed a wrongful death claim on the basis of premises liability on the part of the park. What can California residents learn from this case?

According to reports, a 10-year-old girl visited a park. While there, she somehow ended up in the pond and ultimately drowned. Though she was eventually pulled from the pond, she later died. The family of the child filed a lawsuit against the park and stated that it should not have been open in the first place.

California work sites can cause construction injury

A construction site in California is a dangerous place for many people, especially when it’s not properly sealed off. A woman claims that she suffered multiple injuries after she tripped on a torn-up sidewalk. The woman filed a construction injury lawsuit and multiple defendants are included.

A blind woman was walking with her cane and ended up in an area of the sidewalk that was in the process of being demolished by construction workers. She reportedly tripped over a path that was uneven and sustained injuries to her knee, back and other parts of her body. She ended up having to withstand the expenses of medical and rehab treatment.

California convenience store faces premises liability

A convenience store is faced with a lawsuit filed by the parents of a teenager who was murdered back in 2012. The California teen’s parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit based upon premises liability claims after the teen was killed on the convenience store’s property. Included in the lawsuit are the owners of the store and the suspected murderer, who was also an employee.

According to reports, the incident happened two years ago when the suspect was employed at the convenience store. Reportedly, the suspect killed the teen and discarded her body in a remote area. Authorities arrested the suspect and charged him with murder in the first-degree. State prosecutors have put the death penalty on the table.

Hot coffee burn the center of premises liability lawsuit

When a consumer is present at a place of business, the owner of that business has a responsibility to ensure that a safe environment is in place, one that preserves the health and well-being of customers, workers and visitors to the establishment. This includes creating a safe physical environment, implementing safety procedures for workers, and ensuring that employees are properly trained in how to address safety issues that arise when customers are injured on the property. Failure to meet these basic standards can form the basis of a California premises liability lawsuit.

Such is the case for one woman who is taking legal action after being burned by a cup of extremely hot coffee. The woman was in the drive-thru lane of an area In-N-Out Burger when she was handed a cup of scalding hot coffee. The cup had no protective sleeve, and was described as “excessively hot.” The customer accidentally dropped the cup of coffee in her lap, and began screaming for help.

Premises liability due to fall at California church

Injuries commonly place physical and mental burdens on victims. A victim of a slip and fall injury may experience pain and suffering. Fortunately, California allows for the filing of a premises liability claim based upon the property owner’s apparent negligence in clearing up a hazard on their property. A rare occurrence has occurred in which a woman filed a lawsuit against a church for injuries she sustained.

The woman suffered injuries back in 2009 after she was leaving a service she attended at church. Reportedly, she slipped on ice that was buried underneath some snow. The incident caused the woman to sustain injuries to her shoulder and ankle, which have been said to be permanent. In addition, she was required to undergo three surgeries.

California hospitals can learn from premises liability claim

Hospitals are believed to be safe havens by many people and understandably so. Failure to fix safety issues could result in many premises liability cases. California residents may be interested in learning about just such a case that happened in another state. A woman has filed a lawsuit against a medical facility after she allegedly suffered injuries. The woman allegedly fell when she was in a patio area.

According to reports, the woman went with her husband to the Outpatient Radiology Department at the hospital. The couple stopped by the smoking section and during that time, the woman tripped and fell on uneven stones located in the patio. The fall caused the woman to suffer an injured shoulder and a broken wrist.

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