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Amputation injuries in motorcycle accidents

The accidents and injuries related to a motorcycle accident are often severe, physically and emotionally debilitating and they can even be fatal. One of the most difficult motorcycle accident injuries to deal with, though, is an amputation. Individuals who require an amputation will have a lot they need to contend with -- from relearning how to do basic tasks like walking or writing to dealing with the physical and psychological pain and suffering relating to the injury.

At Gibson & Hughes, we know that motorcyclists are some of the safest drivers on the road -- mainly because they cannot afford to be otherwise. Indeed, motorcycle riders are at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to getting into an accident with an automobile. Indeed, it is not uncommon for a car driver to walk away from a collision without any injuries, but a motorcyclist will likely be thrown from his or her bike, suffering a serious injury in the process.

Couple gets $5 million after their son passes away

A jury in Orange County recently decided to award a total of $5 million to a couple from Lake Forest. That couple had lost their son, who was disabled and who had been living in a care center over in Mission Viejo. He passed away while he was at the center.

The incident happened back in 2012. The young man suffered from seizures and needed to use anti-seizure medication to combat the disorder. During one episode, though, the staff did not administer the anti-seizure medication. Reports show that they also failed to attempt CPR in an effort to revive him.

Who is at fault when I slip and fall in a business?

Property owners are responsible for the safety of their visitors. They should take all necessary precautions and address hazards. When this doesn't happen, the property owners could be held responsible for injuries a visitor suffers, as well associated medical expenses, lost wages and more. However, is every person who is injured when in a business able to seek damages successfully?

The liability for slip and fall accidents must be proven to the court. It generally needs to be shown that one of the following occurred:

Report: male traffic deaths far outnumber female traffic deaths

Fatal auto accident victims can come from pretty much any demographic group. However, there are differences in auto fatality rates among different demographic groups. For example, a recent federal report indicates that there is a very big difference between men and women when it comes to likelihood of being killed in a traffic crash.

The report reviewed U.S. crash data regarding the year 2012. One of the things the report looked at was what the male traffic fatality total and the female traffic fatality total were in the country that year.  

Impact sensors are one way to reduce brain injuries for athletes

When it comes to particularly aggressive sports like football, everyone has their opinion. Some believe that if you can't stand the danger, you shouldn't play the game. Others believe football creates an atmosphere in which injuries are ever present. Some even believe that there are several people within the sports industry who discourage players from opting out of a game or practice for safety's sake. This creates an incredibly dangerous situation some believe needs to be remedied.

Few know this better than the players themselves, who may suffer countless injuries to their heads and bodies alike over their lifetime. As regular readers of our blog know, frequent blows to the head are incredibly dangerous, especially for children whose brains develop rather quickly during their early years. Trauma to the brain can have lasting effects such as learning deficiencies and problems with skill development, which is something we pointed out in a post late last year.

Hearing to be held regarding the safety recall of Takata airbags

If you follow the news like we do, then chances are you've heard about the massive recall concerning Takata airbags. The safety recall, which now covers an estimated 34 million vehicles, was issued because of numerous reports of injuries, both serious and fatal, when the airbags exploded violently in crashes. In some cases, the force of the explosion was so much, shrapnel was expelled from the bags, striking and injuring passengers in the process.

Considered to be the "largest safety recall in U.S. history" by the Detroit Free Press, the most recent recall is a culmination of more than seven years of investigation into airbag problems by Takata. According to an article by Automotive News, the airbag manufacturer has been diligently trying to determine the cause of the violent explosions. Unfortunately, it has been unable to pinpoint a cause, which means that the replacements it has already installed in reaction to the safety issue may not be any safer.

It's important to see a doctor after a head injury

Have you ever considered how many ways there are to suffer a head injury? We have and our conclusion is that there are a lot! From collisions playing sports, to slips and falls, to motor vehicle accidents, your head is always susceptible to a hard knock. Whether it leads to a brain injury though depends on the severity of the blow.

Most people mistakenly assume that a brain injury only occurs after receiving a severe blow to the head such as slipping and falling on concrete or being sacked while playing a sport. But the brain can suffer an injury even after a slight knock to the head. This happens because the force exerted on the body causes the brain to move inside the skull, sometimes colliding with it and causing damage.

How will you honor Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month?

Whether you're new to driving or have been doing it for a number of decades now, you know that driving a motor vehicle is a privilege that comes with it inherent risks. Fewer drivers know this better though than motorcyclists who have far more dangers to contend with than the average driver.

Not only do motorcyclists have to worry about other drivers and what they're doing or going to do, motorcyclists also have to worry about road design, road maintenance issues, and inclement weather just to name a few. All of these things, though they can be dangerous to other drivers, are far more hazardous to motorcyclists because they don't have the same protection that occupants of other motor vehicles enjoy.

Will bigger trucks mean bigger risks for motorcyclists?

Sharing the roadway with other vehicles is just something you do here in Santa Ana, which is why most people don't give it a second thought on a day to day basis. But when your form of transportation is small and offers you little to no protection in an accident, such as is the case for motorcyclists, you may look at sharing the roadways a little differently.

As those who have ridden a motorcycle know, the more traffic on the roadways, the more likely a motorcyclist will become involved in an accident. This is often because of a motorcycle's size. Other drivers simply don't see them in many accident cases. Motorcyclists also know that when the size of the other vehicle increases, a driver's field of vision decreases, making every excursion on the road a potentially dangerous one.

One man's recovery from quadriplegia gives hope to others

Imagine that you are doing an outdoor activity -- be it biking or cleaning your neighbor's gutters as a favor. One moment you are enjoying the outdoors, the next you wake up in a hospital bed, unable to move your extremities. The doctors tell you that you've been involved in an accident and have suffered a spinal cord injury. They don't think you'll ever be able to walk again.

If you were in a situation like this, what would you do? Would you simply learn to live with it after considering the fact that many severe spinal cord injuries do cause a person to remain disabled for the rest of their life? Or would you hold out hope that you will be one of the lucky few who recovers from this life-changing injury?



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