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Can a minor spinal injury cause lasting pain or other symptoms?

Even minor spinal cord injuries can have lasting effects on the body. Minor injuries can be anything from slight herniations to cracks in the disks. Whenever swelling or a herniation puts pressure on the spinal cord, pain, odd sensation like heat, cold or tingling and other effects can take place.

Some symptoms you may face if you've suffered a spinal cord injury include spasticity, a loss of normal bowel or bladder control, sensory changes, weakness, paralysis, sensory changes, pain and numbness. People with minor injuries may have these symptoms on and off, as disks shift or swelling dissipates.

This is what hurting your brain can do to you

There are many parts of the brain, and suffering a concussion can damage those sections where the impact takes place. For example, if you hit your head and damage the hippocampus, you may no longer be able to store new memories. Or, if you hit the front of your head, then you may lose your sense of self or executive functions or judgments. Your emotional responses may be altered and unpredictable, or you may have a loss of spontaneity when interacting with others.

Damaging the parietal lobes leads to anomia, or a difficulty in naming objects. It can make it hard to write down your thoughts and can make it difficult to do more than one thing at a time. It can damage your hand-eye coordination and make it harder to draw. The parietal lobe is responsible for tactile perception and object manipulation, both important activities in everyday life.

2 families sue after deadly fiery crash in California

After a serious car or truck accident, you may not be sure where to begin when you want to file a claim. If you lost a loved one, you may be considering a wrongful death claim. If you were injured, a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim might be the right path. Your attorney can help point you in the right direction, so you can seek compensation like these families are.

A horrifying accident resulted in the deaths of six people in a freeway crash in Northern California. The 45-year-old man whose wife and sons were killed in the accident brought a wrongful death lawsuit against Lexmar Distribution Inc., and the co-owners of a 2014 BMW. According to his claims, the BMW started the accident.

The risks you face on a Christmas tree farm

It's an exciting time of year for families that celebrate Christmas: the annual hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. Farms have rows of trees in all sizes, and many are designed to be cut down the day you find the one you want. These farms have to manage risks, though, because if you get hurt on the property, the company could be held liable.

Here's a good example of how you could get hurt and the company could be found to be at fault. If the company provides you with a handsaw when you arrive but does not make you sign a waiver, then if you are hurt when you try to cut down a tree, you might make an argument that you were not trained or that the saw itself did not work properly and that the company was negligent in giving it to you.

A traumatic brain injury can come with secondary complications

Traumatic brain injuries can have a plethora of complications. Hydrocephalus, deep vein thrombosis and spasticity are just a few of many. Complications can arise from secondary injuries, medications you have to take to heal and other reasons.

After being involved in an accident that leaves you with a traumatic brain injury, you may want to start a case against the person who hurt you. One of the things you may ask for is compensation to cover ongoing medical care. Before you settle, understand that there are complications that can arise after your initial traumatic brain injury.

Are motorcycle deaths becoming more common?

There's never a good time for someone to get hurt, and a motorcycle accident can happen suddenly and without mercy. When a person is thrown from the motorcycle after an impact, he or she might suffer from road burn, head injuries, broken bones or other serious complications. It's important for drivers of all types to take this seriously, as driving with distractions or behaving negligently increases their risk of being in an accident.

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating to families; many are fatal, and others cause long-lasting injuries that require care for months or years. According to 2015 statistics from the Insurance Information Institute, there were 4,975 people killed in motorcycle crashes. That's an increase of 8.3 percent since 2014, a sign that motorcycle safety and awareness should still be a concern for all drivers.

You can prove you wrongful death case and seek compensation

Proving that an injury led to a person's wrongful death can take some time and will require the collection of evidence and documentation. These cases have a lower standard of proof than a criminal lawsuit would, but making sure to have all the evidence needed to support your case is important. Keep information on medical records, photos and other documents prepared for your attorney, and make copies.

During a wrongful death case, you are asking the court to award you compensation for the death of a human. This death has to have been caused by another person who either intended to cause harm or who was negligent at the time of the accident. It also must be shown that surviving family members have suffered a monetary injury as a result of the death, whether that is due to paying medical bills or due to losing an income for the family.

Black Friday poses risks to shoppers

With Black Friday approaching, you, as a shopper, want to know that wherever you go, you won't be put at risk because of rushing crowds or stampedes of people. In most cases, stores are taking the time to put up barricades or to work out numbering systems to prevent customers from creating hazards. They understand that the holiday is a busy time, and they should be prepared to deal with it.

If you are hurt during the Black Friday rush, you can still potentially seek compensation from the store thanks to premises liability law. The store needs to take all necessary steps to prevent injuries on the premises, and if it fails to do so, it should be held liable for any injuries that occur.

What kinds of head injuries are caused by car crashes?

One source of traumatic brain injuries is car and truck accidents. Motor vehicle accidents, along with falls, are the two most common reasons for people suffering from traumatic brain injuries in America. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported that around 14.3 percent of the brain injuries suffered each year are a result of motor vehicle accidents alone. When you break that number down, it means that around 286,000 people suffer from traumatic brain injuries each year just because of traffic accidents.

Those involved in these accidents could suffer from open or closed injuries. With open wounds, an object penetrates the skull and impacts the brain. In a closed wound, the skull remains closed. While it would take a serious collision to force an object through the skull, even low-speed collisions can result in brain injuries. Even mild brain injuries such as concussions, can lead to long-term problems for the people who suffer them.

Your injuries need proper care after a motorcycle accident

If you're in a motorcycle crash, there are certain body parts that you're more likely to injure than others. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at motorcycle accidents between 2001 and 2008 to determine where the victims suffered the most injuries.

The CDC discovered that in non-fatal accidents, it was the legs and feet that suffered significant injuries. Around 30 percent of all non-fatal injuries were to those body parts. The head and neck were the next most likely areas to be injured, with 22 percent of cases involving injuries to those body parts. After that, the upper body, arms and hands and lower body were likely to be injured.



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