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Is whiplash really that serious of an injury?

Whiplash is an injury caused when the head whips forward and backward very quickly. The sudden movement causes strain on the neck and shoulders, and it can cause headaches, dizziness, and other side effects.

Whiplash is not as serious as some injuries, and typically it is not life threatening. That doesn't mean it won't affect your life, though. When a whiplash injury takes place, it can be completely devastating. It can lead to permanent disabilities of the neck and spine in some serious cases.

Family files wrongful death lawsuit over teen's death at school

When you call 911, it's because you need emergency help fast. You expect your call to be routed correctly and for the emergency team to arrive to your home quickly, so the person in danger can be helped.

When your call isn't taken correctly or the emergency team doesn't arrive in time, you're in a position where you may be able to make a claim. That's what this family is doing, because their son collapsed and died at their home when their call was accidentally rerouted to Canada.

How can I avoid an accident on my motorcycle?

So, you want to stay safe on the roads. Your motorcycle is fairly loud, you have lights, and you always wear your helmet. What else can you do to prevent an accident?

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation suggests pretending you're invisible to help yourself stay safe on the roads. The idea behind the MSF's goal of making you see yourself as invisible is to recognize the fact that you are difficult to see on the roads. Drivers may look past motorcyclists or miss them when they're in blind spots.

A wrongful death claim is something you should consider

The death of a mother impacts a family in many ways. If the mother dies during pregnancy or labor, a child may never know her or be able to learn from her. Surviving family members may have the challenge of raising a child along with the struggles of losing someone they love. In this kind of situation, it's hard to think of anyone winning a case for compensation, because even winning won't bring back someone who has passed away.

When it's a doctor's error that leads to a woman dying during labor or pregnancy, it's important that families understand the possibility of filing a wrongful death lawsuit. These lawsuits aren't there simply to gain compensation; they can help hospitals and medical facilities understand that errors are not acceptable and force changes in some circumstances.

The stages of a traumatic brain injury and ongoing recovery

When you suffer a traumatic brain injury, there's a period of time when you'll have to be working on recovery. The recovery process can be long, and it has the potential to be expensive as well. That's why you and your attorney should work to get the most compensation possible; your injury won't just affect you for a limited amount of time. You could suffer for months, years or the rest of your life, which requires you to get extra medical help.

There are a few common stages of a brain injury that affect how you heal. To start with, you could be comatose or unconscious. A vegetative state is when you have normal sleep-wake cycles and startle or react to some noises and stimulation. A minimally conscious state is when you are partially awake and aware. You may be able to hear sounds and stimuli or know what is happening around you.

Who's responsible for a slip-and-fall injury?

When you slip and fall, there's a chance that you're the one to blame. However, there is also the likelihood that someone else has been negligent, leading to your injuries. When you're on someone else's property and fall, you may be able to make a premises liability claim. This claim will state that you were injured and want to be compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, and the pain you've had to suffer due to the property owner's negligence.

If there are dangerous conditions at the property, which include things like wet floors, torn carpets, changes in the level of flooring or concrete, dangerous drops, and other hazards that aren't marked or easily identifiable, then you could be hurt and be able to make a claim. If you slip or trip and fall on a public sidewalk, then you may be able to make a claim as well, only this time it would be made against the city for failing to maintain the area.

You can be compensated following a spinal cord injury

As someone who may be suffering from an injury that is life-changing, you know that you may have to have some help in your daily life. Catastrophic injuries involving the spinal cord can leave you unable to do things as you could before. You may be working with your attorney to get compensation, but what will you be able to do in your daily life?

You might think that a nursing home is the only answer if you're elderly, but the truth is that you have many other options as well. A serious injury doesn't mean you need to eliminate your quality of life. Long-term care doesn't need to be in a nursing facility.

Brain damage and your personal injury: How your vision suffers

One of the things you may be suing over after a crash or injury is your head injury. When you're working with your attorney, you need to show how this head injury is going to affect your life in the long term, which will help you decide how much compensation you need in a settlement or, if you go to trial, how much the jury should aim to provide.

One issue that can take place when you suffer a head injury is a loss or change in your vision. With 1.4 million or more Americans suffering traumatic brain injuries each year, there are literally millions who could suffer from vision changes.

Violation of Three Feet for Safety Act leads to fatality

Are public agencies really responsible for making sure your children stay safe? A family in Cupertino, California, has claimed it does, and now they are holding the agencies responsible for the death of their son.

According to the news, the young teen was killed at 8:18 a.m., in an area known for having five schools and an abundance of school-aged children. The teen was a sophomore at one of those schools, and he was riding his bike to school when he was struck and killed by a driver delivering gravel to De Anza College.

Common causes of back injuries

After you suffered an injury, you may have noticed your back starting to hurt more frequently than before. What could be causing this, and is it something you can seek compensation for with the help of your attorney? If your injury is caused by your working conditions on the job, a car accident, or other incidents, you may be able to make a claim to get the medical treatment you need.

There are many causes for back injuries that you'll need to look into. First, mechanical problems with the way your spine moves could be causing problems for you. The first major mechanical cause of back pain is disc degeneration. You might suffer from this condition due to a genetic predisposition or because of an injury that has put pressure on your spine.



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