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Brain damage and your personal injury: How your vision suffers

One of the things you may be suing over after a crash or injury is your head injury. When you're working with your attorney, you need to show how this head injury is going to affect your life in the long term, which will help you decide how much compensation you need in a settlement or, if you go to trial, how much the jury should aim to provide.

One issue that can take place when you suffer a head injury is a loss or change in your vision. With 1.4 million or more Americans suffering traumatic brain injuries each year, there are literally millions who could suffer from vision changes.

Violation of Three Feet for Safety Act leads to fatality

Are public agencies really responsible for making sure your children stay safe? A family in Cupertino, California, has claimed it does, and now they are holding the agencies responsible for the death of their son.

According to the news, the young teen was killed at 8:18 a.m., in an area known for having five schools and an abundance of school-aged children. The teen was a sophomore at one of those schools, and he was riding his bike to school when he was struck and killed by a driver delivering gravel to De Anza College.

Common causes of back injuries

After you suffered an injury, you may have noticed your back starting to hurt more frequently than before. What could be causing this, and is it something you can seek compensation for with the help of your attorney? If your injury is caused by your working conditions on the job, a car accident, or other incidents, you may be able to make a claim to get the medical treatment you need.

There are many causes for back injuries that you'll need to look into. First, mechanical problems with the way your spine moves could be causing problems for you. The first major mechanical cause of back pain is disc degeneration. You might suffer from this condition due to a genetic predisposition or because of an injury that has put pressure on your spine.

You can be compensated for dog bite injuries in California

Dog bite injuries can cause a number of serious problems that you, as a victim, will have to deal with for many months, years, or the rest of your life. The scarring and disfiguration you may suffer along with the stress and anxiety of the attack can change your life instantly. You may need support for your mental health afterward, or you could need multiple surgeries to restructure your face or other body parts.

Children are most at risk for being bitten by animals, because they often don't recognize danger and move quickly. Children are also at the highest risk of being severely mauled or killed by these attacks, since they are smaller and can be hurt more easily.

Can physician-patient privilege get in the way of my case?

In a wrongful death case, does physician-patient privilege still exist? The privacy of a patient is still very important, but it's also very important that the reason for a patient's death is made clear in court. While there is still controversy surrounding releasing a patient's medical records after death, it is usually possible to get a waiver of the physician-patient privilege for legal purposes, especially if you want to launch a wrongful death case for a loved one who has passed away.

Sometimes, states allow the deceased's personal representative, whether that's a child, spouse or other party, to release the documents to the necessary parties. Other times, the notes can only be disclosed to doctors and hospitals, making it hard for attorneys to obtain them. Usually, if the person responsible for the deceased's estate notes that he or she is obtaining the records for release for future litigation, then the paperwork can be released to the attorneys or others who need to review it.

Safety Act violation costs Triumph Motorcycles millions

As someone who rides a motorcycle, you want to know that you'll be told if there is a defect that could put your life at risk. Not only that, but you'll want to know that you were told as soon as possible. If you aren't told and get hurt, then the manufacturer may be held accountable, like in this case.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has decided to fine Triumph Motorcycles a total of $2.9 million for failing to submit important documents to its organization. An Aug. 3 report discusses how the NHTSA has been investigating the company for failing to report safety data and filing late responses to the NHTSA Special Order.

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and brain injuries

Has your child's head been injured? Has he or she had a change in personality? There could be a reason for this change if the recent study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research is believed. According to the study, which followed adults who had suffered brain injuries, many also suffered attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. The data suggests that there is an association between the two conditions.

In fact, the co-principal investigator claims that adults with traumatic brain injuries are over twice as likely to suffer from ADHD. ADHD causes behaviors such as impulsive acts or difficulty paying and sustaining attention. Usually, children develop the disorder and then it continues into adulthood.

Drowning and premises liability

Swimming pools and spas can be dangerous or even deadly when you go there with friends, family or on your own. These facilities present a risk for drowning, and some don't have lifeguards on duty. Drowning is the second leading cause of death caused by unintentional injury to those 14 and under, making it important that you always keep an eye on your children and family when you're at a pool or spa. If a drowning or near-drowning incident takes place, then you may need to consider taking legal action to seek the compensation you need and penalties the facility should receive.

Children can drown quickly, and there doesn't even have to be much water around for it to happen. Just a few inches of water is all that's needed to drown a child. For instance, a pool that has been drained but has a pool of water only six or seven inches deep is still enough to drown a child who falls onto his stomach and can't get up.

How can you cope and heal after a spinal cord injury?

A spinal cord injury may be difficult to deal with, but with some help, you can cope with your condition. Part of coping with any serious illness is having the funds to support the medical care you need. If you're suffering from your injury because of a person's negligence, then seeking compensation is a good way to help cover the care you need as well as the bills you'll need to pay at home or to replace lost wages.

While scientists are optimistic about the future of spinal cord injuries and recovery, spinal cord injuries, for now, are hard to treat. Sensations and strength in body parts below the point of injury may be limited, and you could have trouble with your organs below that point as well. You could be paralyzed or need to learn to use new medical equipment to walk or wheel yourself around. Don't forget, emotionally, you could be drained by this experience. Part of the process of coping with it could include therapy to allow you to discuss your feelings and to help you through this difficult time in your life.

Should I wear a motorcycle helmet to avoid injuries?

It should be exceedingly clear to most California motorcyclists how important it is to wear a helmet; however, there are many individuals who still take the risk of riding their bikes without helmets. According to the statistics, that is not a risk that anyone in their right mind should ever take.

The fact is that motorcycles are not very stable on the road because they are only supported by two wheels. The slower they are traveling, the easier it is to tip them over. They are also smaller and less visible in comparison to the typical vehicle on the road -- a car or a truck. Furthermore, the fact that they can accelerate and take corners rapidly -- something that makes them fun and exciting to driver -- does not necessarily help them be any safer to ride.



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