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Wrongful death claims rise to 19 in GM ignition switch case

When GM announced earlier this year that it would be conducting recalls on a number of its vehicles because of faulty ignition switches, no one really imagined how bad the situation would get. Although the first recalls included a wide range of models and years, vehicle numbers were relatively low -- maybe only a few hundred thousand at a time. Hardly enough to cause panic, right?

But then the number kept rising; and before the nation knew it, GM had recalled roughly 29 million vehicles across 65 recalls, says a recent CNN Money report.

College rental properties: the danger your student could face

As college students return to school here in California, we are once again reminded of the danger that could be present near any college campus across the nation: unsafe rental properties. We bring up this issue to our Santa Ana readers because of a tragic case from the opposite side of the country in which a 22-year-old college student was killed in an apartment fire.

The wrongful death lawsuit believed to have been filed last month by the victim's parents cites major flaws in the apartment's structure and fire-alarm system as causes for the college student's death. According to reports, by the time the 22-year-old was alerted to the presence of the fire below her, smoke and flames were already blocking her only path out of the building.

Does California law allow motorcyclists to lane split?

Stop and go traffic. It's something most Californians are familiar with and see quite often on roadways all over the state. During these periods of rush-hour traffic though you may have also seen something else: a motorcyclist driving in the same direction as traffic but travelling between lanes of vehicles.

If you've witnessed this happening then you may have wondered if this practice is legal. If you've had this question then you're not alone. It's a question some of our Santa Ana readers also have, which is why we are going to address it in this week's blog post.

3 in critical condition after hotel pool accident in California

A family staying at a hotel in California has suffered a terrible tragedy. A mother and two of her children were pulled from a pool after nearly drowning in the deeper end. A passerby heard the shouts for help and dragged the three victims out. This hotel pool accident has now landed all three victims in grave condition at a local medical facility.

The mother and four children were at the pool on a recent Monday when two of the children, ages 11 and 12, wound up drifting into the deeper end of the pool. The children were reportedly in distress, so the mother jumped in to pull them to safety. Somehow, she also became distressed. The two other children started yelling for help for their family members.

Convention attendee hurt on hotel property in California

When a person stays at a hotel, they likely hope that the hotel is up-to-date on safety measures that could prevent an accident from taking place. Because hotels typically have numerous floors and outdoor walkways or balconies, a fall could easily happen if the establishment is lax in its safety precautions. Should an individual be hurt on hotel property, that establishment could potentially be held accountable for premises liability.

A hotel in California could possibly be in such a situation after a teenage girl apparently suffered a fall while on the premises. The girl was reportedly an attendee of Comic-Con, which was taking place near the hotel. It was noted that she was apparently found bleeding and unconscious near the hotel pool.

Falling objects cause injury at apartment building

Whether for cost or convenience, apartments serve as homes to numerous Californians. Those who choose to utilize the benefits of apartment rentals depend on the property owners and staff to keep the buildings and common areas safe for residents. Unfortunately, injuries do happen at these complexes, which leads to the question of who is at fault. This question is undoubtedly being asked by residents of an apartment building in another state, after falling objectsfrom a chimney collapse injured two and required the evacuation of all other tenants.

Several fire department crews and emergency responders were called to an apartment complex after receiving a traumatic injury call. Upon arriving at the complex, fire crews found an adult woman and female child with injuries. The injuries were believed to have been caused by falling debris from a collapsed chimney. It is unknown if either victim was transported to a hospital for treatment.

Man sues hospital in slip and fall injury

Hospital staff should be trained to properly take care of patients. In California, this means making sure that the hospital is clear of any dangerous obstacles or at least to post the proper signs warning patients and visitors of obstacles, such as a wet floor. However, it seems that one hospital may have neglected to do this, which has reportedly caused a slip and fall injury.

The accident happened when a hospital's wet floor allegedly caused the man to slip one day in mid-June 2013. The puddle of water was at the front of the sink in the dining area of the hospital. The sink was adjacent to an ice machine at the acute ward of the hospital. The patient sued the hospital in court in mid-June 2014.

Possibility of hotel injury could be a concern

Many California residents stay in hotels for a variety of reasons, including business trips and family vacations. Many others visit California and stay in one of California's numerous hotels for the same reasons. While residing in a hotel, one is typically aware of the traditional concerns, such as theft and pickpocketing. The idea of a hotel injury is usually not a primary concern.

In an effort to prevent injuries to its guests, many hotels have enacted safety procedures and equipment. Balconies have railings, and many upper windows without balconies will only open slightly. These precautions are to prevent someone from falling to the ground below.

Premises liability can be a concern for California property owner

Many California families decide to host parties, dinners or other types of gatherings at their homes. During the initial planning phases, thought is given to how many people to invite and what to serve. The decision as to whom and how many to invite is often driven by both budget and available room to properly accommodate the guests. The diligent host or hostess is aware that he or she could be subject to premises liability problems if someone is injured on his or her property.

Recently, a family in another state decided to host a religious ceremony in their home. It is estimated that around 125 people were in attendance. A large number of guests were gathered in an upstairs garage apartment when its flooring collapsed.

Radio Shack wins slip and fall injury case

Business owners have to be careful nowadays when dealing with the public. Although the consumers are the engines that drive a business, the public can also be a financial threat if a person decides to sue a business in California or any other state for some reason. Radio Shack recently experienced this after it was named a defendant in a slip and fall injury lawsuit.

The plaintiff filed a lawsuit against the store after he slipped and fell on ice on the sidewalk next to the store. The incident had occurred in early February 2009, and the lawsuit was filed in April 2011. The initial complaint stated that he had fallen while leaving Radio Shack. However, the complaint was later amended to state that he had not even entered the store when he was injured from the fall.



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