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California residents can sue for hotel injury

Hotel owners have the duty of facilitating a safe environment for hotel guests. Failure to do so could result in hotel injury in California hotels. This is true for this case in which a male entertainer sustained injuries while he was performing at a hotel. He filed a suit against the hotel and a jury awarded him over $1 million.

The incident reportedly happened back in 2007. A man visited a hotel to participate in a comedic performance there. At some point in time while he was performing, he ended up sustaining an injury when the stage wiring became tangled on his leg. The man filed a lawsuit, initially requesting over $7 million in damages.

Slip and fall injury leads to lawsuit

One trip to the gas station during the winter may lead to an unexpected trip to the emergency room. This can occur if the grounds at the gas station aren't salted or shoveled properly in snowy or icy weather. When a business property features weather-related hazards in California, a patron who suffers a slip and fall injury has the right to commence a liability claim against the company responsible for keeping up that property.

This situation recently occurred in one out-of-state case. A customer slipped at a gas station and ended up cracking his elbow. He has sued the station for $50,000, alleging that the company did not remove snow from the area in order to prevent customers from injuring themselves.

California casinos may face premises liability on too many drinks

When someone is injured on another individual's property, the owner is usually held liable. California casinos may be held liable for serving too much alcohol. A family filed a premises liability suit against a casino after a man died of alcohol poisoning.

The family of a man filed a lawsuit against the casino, stemming from a death that happened back in 2009. According to the lawsuit, the man was taking a number of medications, including anti-psychotic medications and painkillers. He was taking these medications due to multiple accidents, including a four-wheeler incident and a car crash. The hotel was aware of his condition and, in spite of this, he was continuously served alcohol in his already drunken state.

Slip and fall injury on sidewalks can turn into California suits

Reports indicate that Chicago paid out millions to people who were injured on its sidewalks. There were over 400 slip and fall injury lawsuits over the last six years. Many argue that cities in California and property owners could avoid these lawsuits by maintain safe sidewalks.

So far, those held responsible have settled or issued judgments for 314 of the sidewalk injury cases. One man stated that he tripped on a sidewalk due to a defective manhole cover, which apparently caused him to break his elbow and nose. According to his lawsuit, the city was aware that the cover was raised and had an appropriate amount of time to correct the situation. Due to the man's nose injury, he still has continuous medical issues. Since the incident, he underwent two procedures which have not completely remedied his injuries, according to reports.

California high school could face premises liability claims

Parents of students gathered at a high school to watch a performance recently. A catastrophic accident occurred during the performance that sent 25 students to the hospital with injuries. Now, California authorities are investigating, and premises liability claims may result.

Over 200 students were in the midst of a performance, including singing and dancing, on stage. During the performance, the platform suddenly collapsed underneath them, causing the students to fall a distance of five feet. Medical personnel arrived at the scene and transported the students for medical care. Most of the injuries were broken bones and bruises. Investigators are trying to piece together what went wrong for the stage to collapse.

California Petco stores may learn from premises liability suit

A popular nationwide pet supply store has encountered an injury lawsuit. A woman filed a personal injury lawsuit claiming premises liability following an incident that happened at one of its stores. According to the lawsuit, the company was negligent is permitting a dangerous environment for shoppers. California Petco stores may be able to learn from this liability.

According to reports, a woman visited a Petco store. While she was shopping, she reportedly slipped and fell in a liquid puddle. Following the incident, the woman suffered a vast amount of injuries, including her back, head and hip, due to the fall. She retained an attorney and filed a lawsuit against Petco Animal Supplies.

Hotel injury suit may be example for California owners

It is an important duty for hotels to ensure their premises are safe for guests. Failure to do so by California owners can result in hotel injury. A lawsuit was filed against a hotel by a woman in another state who slipped on ice. The case went to trial and the woman was awarded $1.2 million as a result of her injuries.

Back in 2010, a woman was a guest at a Courtyard by Marriott hotel. During her stay, she fell on ice that was on a sidewalk. A lawsuit was filed after she suffered injuries and witnesses testified on her behalf at trial. As evidence, one of the witnesses even stated that they walked on frozen grass in order to avoid walking on the slippery sidewalk. Reportedly, the hotel did not use that opportunity to create a safe environment and emergency crews ended up placing salt on the ground themselves so they could work on the woman more safely.

California owners liable for guests hurt in an apartment building

Many tend to believe that landlords are only liable for the safety of their tenants, however, guests of tenants who are hurt due to the lack property maintenance may also be able to file claims of premises liability. A recent case in another jurisdiction concluded that a property owner could be held responsible if a guest of a tenant is hurt in an apartment building they own. While this claim was filed in another state, it could provide legal standing for California residents who have been hurt due to the negligence of a landlord.

A case was filed by a 23-year-old woman, who claims she was hurt while visiting a tenant of an apartment building in her local area. She asserts that due to an unlit hallway she tripped and fell through a glass panel. Even with medical treatment and the work of plastic surgeons she has been left with scars on her face, legs and arms. She filed a claim against the property owner, however, her case was first rejected by a trial-court judge, stating that because she wasn't a tenant the owner was only responsible for what is called "ordinary duty of care." An appeal to the state's Supreme Court resulted in the rejection being thrown out, and she is now free to re-file her claim against the property owner.

California owners could face premises liability for snow and ice

Snow and ice can cause a slippery experience for pedestrians on sidewalks. California owners may face premises liability if sidewalks are not cleared off, particularly if injuries occur. Negligent property owners are usually faced with fines and even injury claims when property is not adequately maintained.

There are codes in certain areas that outline the duties of property owners. While some violations are not regularly enforced, property owners could face fines up to $25 if sidewalks are not cleaned up in an appropriate manner. Reportedly, some city codes state that property owners have the duty to clean up snow within a certain time period. Also in regard to ice, property owners have the duty to remove it so that the sidewalk is safe for pedestrians to walk through. Owners who do not follow the guidelines can be found in violation of city ordinance.

California student sues school for premises liability

The University of California is headed to the courtroom for a lawsuit that was filed against it. A California student filed a lawsuit against the school claiming that she was sexually assaulted by one of its staff members while on campus. The lawsuit accuses the school of premises liability and negligence.

The incident purportedly happened back in 2012 after the student asked a teaching assistant for help on an assignment. The man obliged and requested that she meet with him in the courtyard later that night. Eventually, the two ended up in his office, where the student claims he started to inappropriately touch the student's chest.

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