Orange County Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Orange County Catastrophic Injury Attorney
While the victim of any injury caused by negligent or reckless behavior may be entitled to compensation for their injuries and certain other damages, a case involving a catastrophic injury is a particularly sensitive matter that should only be handled by an experienced and qualified Orange County catastrophic injury attorney.

A catastrophic injury is one that results in permanent disability or a long term condition.  Disfigurement, amputation, or loss of use of a limb are just some examples of catastrophic injuries.  The Gibson & Hughes team has specific experience and a track record of success in representing victims of catastrophic injuries.  We understand that clients expect a level of care and compassion while they deal with their injuries and we aim to offer that care and compassion to any potential or current client that we advise.

Although any accident resulting in a catastrophic injury is tragic, cases should first be evaluated by a credentialed Orange County catastrophic injury attorney to ensure a claim is valid before moved forward in the legal process.  Victims of injuries who think they have a valid injury claim against another party are invited to contact Gibson & Hughes to set up an initial consultation with one of our experienced attorneys to have their case evaluated.  This consultation is free and no fees are charged unless we get compensation for our clients.

It’s a good idea to let an Orange County catastrophic injury attorney evaluate a claim before it is allowed to move forward so victims can get a good idea of what kind of judgement or settlement to expect and of what kind of challenges may face them on the legal road to compensation.  If, after evaluating the facts of a case, a personal injury attorney on our team decides that a victim has a valid injury claim, we will immediately begin advising the client on the best way to proceed with the matter.

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