Orange County Dog Bite Attorney

orange county dog bite attorney
A growing population of dog owners has led to a parallel rise in the number of dog bite incidents we hear about.  Dog bites, if serious, may lead to permanent disfigurement, scarring, and even death.  The law places a responsibility on owners to control their dogs and other animals.  When the animal causes an injury to a person, the injured victim is generally allowed to seek compensation for injuries sustained from the animal’s owner.  Beyond that, individual dog bite laws can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, which is why victims of dog and animal bites should seek the advice of an experienced Orange County dog bite attorney.

The law team of Gibson & Hughes is experienced and credentialed in the area of personal injury law and its attorneys have a successful track record of dog bite victim representation.  When they set up a consultation with a Orange County dog bite attorney at Gibson & Hughes, potential clients have the chance to explain their side of the story to a trained legal professional who will evaluate the facts as they are presented and advise the victim on whether or not their case has merit to proceed legally.  If it is found that a case does have merit, our team will immediately get to work initiating the compensation recovery process.  The consultation will be free and no fee will be charged unless recovery is successful.

It is absolutely crucial that anyone injured in a dog bite incident contact an Orange County dog bite attorney right away.  An Orange County dog bite attorney will have a better chance at uncovering evidence on behalf of the client if the facts and evidence are fresh.

Secure your rights as a dog bite victim and contact a Gibson & Hughes dog bite attorney today.

If you have been bitten by a dog, contact an Orange County dog bite attorney at Gibson & Hughes today.