Orange County Product Liability Attorney

Orange County Product Liability Attorney
Products liability describes an area of law that seeks to hold manufacturers, wholesalers, and/or retailers responsible for introducing dangerous or defective products into the stream of commerce when those dangerous or defective products cause injury to a consumer. If you have been injured due to a faulty or defect product, you need to speak with an Orange County product liability attorney.

Anything that can be manufactured or sold can be the basis for a products liability claim – from computers to washing machines – butincluding less common items like medical devices / implants and building materials.  Generally, a products liability claim will fall into one of three categories; design defect (when an entire product is defectively designed), manufacturing defect (when a single product departs from its intended design during manufacturing), or failure to warn (when a product fails to adequately warn consumers of the product’s risks).  No matter what kind of claim the victim of a faulty or defective product might have, the attorneys of Gibson & Hughes have the experience and tenacity to see a case through from beginning to end.

After making an appointment to speak with an Orange County product liability attorney from Gibson & Hughes, injury victims will have the chance to tell their side of their story to a credentialed legal professional who will evaluate the merits of the case and will offer free advice on how the victim should legally proceed.  This information is offered for free at an initial Gibson & Hughes consultation – no fees are ever charged until compensation is recovered.

Each experienced Orange County product liability attorney on our team has several decades of combined legal experience and is willing to put that experience to the test on behalf of those injured by defective products.  We work hard to ensure each and every client experiences a level of communication and compassion that they would be hard pressed to find anywhere else – just ask any one of our several satisfied former clients.  No matter what their circumstances, we treat everyone who seeks our advice with care, attentiveness, and compassion.

Don’t delay – contact a Orange County product liability attorney on the Gibson &  Hughes team today.