Orange County Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

Orange County Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer
Swimming pools are staples of backyards across the United States, especially in places like Orange County where the sun shines most days of the year.  However, for as much fun as swimming pools can be, they can also be dangerous to those who wander or play around them.  Most people already know that swimming pools can be dangerous to small children, but they can be just as dangerous to big kids, teens, and adults, in some situations. If you or a loved one has been injured in a swimming pool, you need an experienced Orange County swimming pool accident lawyer at Gibson & Hughes to fight for you..

Just like owners of other properties, owners of properties with swimming pools have a duty to keep the area of and around the pool safe for residents and visitors.  When an injury is sustained because of a property owner’s negligence or recklessness, the victim of a swimming pool injury may be entitled to monetary compensation for certain damages related to the injury.

Before attempting to collect compensation from parties who may be responsible for an injury, victims are urged to consult with a credentialed Orange County swimming pool accident lawyer.  At Gibson & Hughes, our attorneys will attentively evaluate the merits of a potential claim and, if it appears that a claim is valid, will further offer guidance to those who come to us for help.  The initial consultation is free and clients don’t pay unless they recover.  We invite swimming pool injury victims to contact our office today and set up their initial consultation with one of our compassionate legal professionals.

At Gibson & Hughes, we don’t just give our clients legal service, we give them customer service.  We pride ourselves on our history of serving the needs of our clients beyond their expectations and working with clients as a team, not just business associates.  Above all, its our care and compassion that sets us apart from other attorneys in the field of personal injury law.

Don’t delay — contact an experienced Orange County swimming pool accident lawyer at Gibson & Hughes today.