Orange County Toxic Exposure Attorney

Orange County Toxic Exposure Attorney
Exposure to toxic substances is a serious health risk that can have long lasting effects, depending on the substance to which the victim is exposed and the length of exposure.  Whether toxic exposure occurs in the matter of a heartbeat or over the course of several years, an Orange County toxic exposure attorney at Gibson & Hughes can represent victims when that exposure results in an injury.

There are several ways for a person to be exposed to toxic substances.  Children may be exposed to them in their toys, workers may be exposed to them in their workplaces, and consumers may be exposed to them through the things they buy.  No matter where or how exposure occurs, toxic substances are never good for the human body and can present effects immediately or several years following exposure.

If they think they have been exposed to toxic substances and have suffered injuries as a result, toxic exposure victims may be entitled to compensation from those responsible for causing the exposure.  Because of the implications involved, injury victims are sure to have an uphill legal battle on their hands if they take a case of toxic exposure to court.  The attentive Orange County toxic exposure attorneys of Gibson & Hughes will take the time to review the facts of each potential clients’ case and explain relevant legal procedure as the case progresses.  We offer free initial consultations and promise not to charge our clients until they themselves are compensated.

Part of the difficulty in proving a toxic exposure injury is making the connection between the exposure to the substance and the injury.  Fortunately, Gibson & Hughes has industry professionals on hand to advise our clients on any number of different toxic chemicals, their effects, and the likelihood of exposure based on the facts of the case.  If we don’t have the necessary professional on hand, we have the means to track one down in order to aid in proving the victim’s case.

Don’t delay — contact an Orange County toxic exposure attorney at Gibson & Hughes today.