Orange County Wrongful Death Attorney

Orange County Wrongful Death Attorney
Not everyone who causes the death of another faces the risk of criminal prosecution.  However, most who cause a death may be liable for wrongful death damages in civil court — especially if the death was caused by their negligent, reckless, or intentional conduct. An experienced Orange County Wrongful Death Attorney can assess your case and determine if the party at fault should be civilly held accountable for the death of your loved one.

Since a deceased person cannot pursue his or her own damages in civil court, the law allows the family members of a deceased person to recover damages on the decedent’s behalf.

Damages which survivors of deceased accident victims can typically pursue include the costs of medical expenses, funeral or burial expenses, and even loss of consortium — which is an amount of monetary compensation that is intended to compensate survivors of deceased accident victims for the companionship and presence that can no longer be provided.

When a person killed in an accident is the primary source of income for their family, the person or persons responsible for the death may even be liable for damages amounting to the income which the deceased victim can no longer provide.

It is important for individuals to understand that civil damages can be awarded whether or not a person is actually found guilty of a killing in criminal court.  Criminal charges are brought by the state, but civil charges are brought by private parties. These private parties do not have to wait on the state in order to pursue wrongful death charges on their own through civil court.

Hire an Experienced Orange County Wrongful Death Attorney

Each attorney on the Gibson & Hughes team has several decades of experience representing those who have lost loved ones in accidents.  Gibson & Hughes can provide counsel and advice to accident victim survivors no matter how a death was caused.  An attorney from the team can review case facts and make a determination as to the legal merits of a claim. We are here to help the survivors of deceased victims move forward with recovery.