Property owners are expected to uphold quality safety standards on their property, primarily to avoid personal injuries and subsequent lawsuits. Even though the law is clear that property owners must be aware of any safety hazards on their property, it is unreasonable for these individuals to be aware of and not eliminate these hazards. Nonetheless, property owners should take the initiative of regularly scouting their property for possible hazards.

So, what are some of the most common dangerous conditions that can lead to a premises liability injury? Can a premises liability lawyer help? Here are a few different examples:

Wet Floors

If there is one safety hazard that has caused the most premises liability lawsuits, wet floors isreasonably be the tophazard. Either during cleaning situations or by roof leaks, wet floors are extremely dangerous in public properties and can lead to significant injuries. Public properties should be cognizant of informing people about wet floors via signage. If a person has been injured on a wet floor despite the presence of signage, it is likely that the property owner will not be held liable.

Faulty Equipment

Property owners should be aware of any faulty equipment in their possession. For example, if a person visits their local supermarket and a shelf falls and injures them, they can file a lawsuit on the grounds that the supermarket had faulty equipment in their possession and should have known about it.

Particularly, owners of public properties have to be very careful with this stipulation. This is because public properties are responsible for the safety of its visitors and can be held liable as such.

Unsafe Work Conditions

If you are an employee of a business that operates in a public property, you can reasonably file a lawsuit if you have been wrongfully injured due to unsafe work conditions. Common unsafe work conditions include exposure to toxic chemicals and dangerous equipment without notice or proper protective wear.

You might be surprised that many businesses expose their employees to unsafe work conditions on a daily basis. To prevent a premises liability injury, it is imperative to ensure that employees are provided with protective equipment and are informed of the specific safety risks that occur on the job.

Snow And Ice

Property owners are responsible for any snow or ice that is accumulating around their property. As such, they must take the necessary precautions to eliminate the presence of heavy snow and ice to ensure that no one is injured on their property.

Insufficient Property Management

Private property owners have the same risk of seeing a premises liability injury if their property is poorly managed. If you are renting a property that has various safety hazards such as, uneven flooring, dangerous electrical problems, or any structural issues, the renter can sue for significant damages if they are injured.

These are just some of the many dangerous conditions that can lead to premises liability injuries. That being said, it is important for property owners to realize these dangers and make adequate repairs before an injury or lawsuit takes place.