Amputations commonly result from workplace accidents, medical malpractice, and road accidents. But the most complex of them all is limb loss after a motor vehicle accident. Truck accidents, however, are extremely serious because of the magnitude of the impact. Victims might incur more expenses to recover from the injuries fully.

Paying for the costs alone is not only unfair, but it can also incapacitate you and your family financially. The expenses ought to fall on the negligent party in the truck crash. A skilled Orange County personal injury attorney can examine the incident, advise on whether you have a solid claim, and help build it up.

Does it Matter How I Lost the Limb?

You might have a claim whether you lost the limb during the accident or if the amputation was done in the hospital. The medical team might opt for amputation if the limb has developed a serious infection or is severely injured. Truck accident-related limb loss includes:

  • Loss of the whole arm at the shoulder
  • Amputation of the foot at the ankle
  • Below the knee leg amputations
  • Above the knee leg amputations
  • Partial hand amputations, e.g., loss of parts of the hand or fingers
  • Partial foot amputations, e.g., loss of up to part of the foot or toes

Regardless of the type of amputation, it might not be easy to live life afterward. The medical costs might be quite high, and you might have to make several other expensive lifestyle changes. However, seasoned Orange County truck accident lawyers could ensure that the negligent party in the accident takes responsibility.

What Costs are Covered in a Successful Claim?

One amputation claim might not recover damages similar to what is obtained in another one. Even compensation for amputations on two people from the same truck accident might differ significantly. It varies based on the type of medical assistance your amputation might need, which might include:

  • Home modifications
  • Prosthetics and other assistive devices
  • Ongoing medical treatment

Depending on your unique needs, you could get compensation for all your past, current, and future medical expenses in California. Apart from medical expenses, the accident might have hindered your ability to work and earn an income. Therefore, you can get compensation for:

  • Wages lost while recovering from the accident
  • Potentially lost future income before you can return to work
  • Reduced earning capacity

Apart from the physical losses, amputation victims can claim compensation for:

  • Strained social, professional, and familial relationships
  • Extensive mental anxiety and emotional distress
  • Substantial suffering and physical pain

Are Amputation Claims Time-Bound?

For most victims of truck accidents, the focus is usually on recovery and adapting to the new normal. But if you take too long to file your claim, you might miss out on a chance to claim compensation from the at-fault party. If a government agency is not involved, persons that have lost a limb have up to two (2) years to file a claim.

The government might be a party to the suit if the following contributed to the truck accident:

  • Active negligence of a government employee
  • Defective road design
  • Poor road maintenance

You should consider taking action sooner if you are seeking compensation from a government entity. You only have six (6) months to prepare the documentation and present a notice to sue. A delay past the statute of limitations is legally interpreted as a forfeiture of your right to seek legal remedy. Consult with experienced Orange County truck accident lawyers to find out how much time you have left.

How Do I Identify the Liable Party in the Truck Accident?

Establishing liability in a truck accident in California is not always easy. Some might be straightforward, and others might need more scrutiny. But even in cases where the liable party is so obvious, you cannot hold them accountable unless you present solid evidence against them. That is why it is critical to call an attorney as soon as you are involved in a truck accident.

Preserving evidence at the crash scene is critical for the later success of your personal injury claim. If you cannot take pictures of the scene or record other important details, your attorney can rush to the scene and collect evidence before it is tampered with. The legal expert could then use the information to build a credible case.

The attorney could be looking for the party that owed other road users a duty of care but acted or failed to act as expected. It could be one person or entity or several of them.

How Can an Attorney Help With My Claim?

While you or a loved one focuses on healing from the injuries after a truck accident, you might need assistance with your legal claim. Knowledgeable Orange County truck accident lawyers can explain what your rights are and tell you what your options are. They could also assist you in pursuing all the possible avenues for compensation unique to your incident.

A California attorney could be instrumental whether you seek compensation through litigation or directly from the insurance companies. Out-of-court offers often look huge until you work out the total expenses of living with an amputated limb. In litigation, it is critical to attach pieces of evidence to back up your claim to get a compensation award.

Attorneys Using Their Legal Experience to Maximize Your Compensation

You have a claim if you are amputated because of another person’s negligence. But truck accidents can be so sophisticated, and telling the party to hold accountable could be challenging. However, personal injury attorneys handling similar cases for a long time can use their experience to build your claim.

Our Orange County lawyers offer the initial consultation at no cost. Their knowledge and expertise allow them to fight for the maximum possible compensation for each accident victim they work with. Speak to us today to get started.