Owners of buildings and employers are required to ensure that the workplace and other premises are safe for everyone. If they neglect this duty and someone gets injured, the law provides avenues for injured persons to claim compensation from them. Slip and fall accidents are prevalent in Orange County and can change your life instantly.

While you can seek legal redress, it is subject to specific conditions. You do not have the pleasure of time. The timelines might sound extensive, but it lapses real fast. An Orange County personal injury attorney can explain important deadlines for your lawsuit to ensure that they don’t become a hindrance to justice.

Are the Timelines Related to the Time Limit to Settle?

The statute of limitations can be confusing at times. Some people might think it’s the timeline for settling a compensation case. However, it only means that you ought to have gotten your case started in the California civil court system. Failing to do so before the deadline is like waiving your constitutional privileges in a way that might be impossible to reverse.

If you are in the middle of negotiating a settlement outside court, and the deadline for filing is fast approaching, it is ideal to still file. This protects your legal rights and allows you to keep your options open. And filing will not bar you from participating in the talks. It could only serve as a backup plan if the negotiations stall.

How Much Time is Available for Slip and Fall Victims in California?

Victims of slip and fall accidents have up to two years to initiate litigation in Orange County. But if the incident happened on a property belonging to the city or any other government entity, the time limit might be shorter. Injured persons have to write to the state or federal agency within six months from the day of the incident.

Whether your claim has six months or two years to file, it is not advisable to wait to bring it towards the end of the period. Remember that an award-winning claim needs time to prepare. So, make sure that you contact Orange County slip and fall attorneys as soon as possible, and they will use their experience to better the outcomes of your lawsuit.

How Much Time Do I Have if I Slip and Fall at Work?

Slip, and falls are not limited to private properties and government premises. They can also occur at the workplace and result in serious injuries. You might have to file it as a workers’ compensation claim in such cases. And the statute of limitations depends on who your employer is; Federal employees have a different time limit from employees in the private sector.

Federal employees use the federal statute of limitations, which is usually three years from the incident date. All other workers have a year to file their compensation claim and recover for sustained physical and non-physical injuries. However, note that, you have to notify your employer of the incident within 30 days. The notification should be in writing.

How Long Can My Case Take?

Similar slip and fall compensation cases can take different timeframes to conclude. The time taken usually depends on;

  • The extent of your injuries
  • The nature of the injuries
  • Your treatment
  • The ease of proving that the incident occurred and relating it to your injuries

It would be inappropriate to pursue your case to a conclusion before you’re done with treatment and the doctor determines whether you will need additional care later. Once your Orange County slip and fall attorney gets the complete ‘damages picture,’ they could expedite the claim and move it forward as soon as possible.

What Damages Can I Get if I File on Time?

You might have a solid case, but you might not recover any damages if the deadline lapses before you file. Watching out for the deadline leaves you with the possibility of receiving economic and noneconomic damages intended to make you’ whole.’ The compensation covers intangible and direct financial losses, and might include damages for

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Disfigurement or scarring
  • Emotional distress
  • Property damage
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Lost wages
  • Future medical care
  • Medical bills
  • Punitive damages if negligence or recklessness was involved

You don’t want to miss the award you deserve because of a few delays. You might never miss a deadline with an attorney by your side because they will help you work out how much time you have left.

When Should I Reach Out to an Attorney?

The best time to call an Orange County slip and fall law firm is as soon as possible. After your injury, you will need legal advice and representation in so many ways. An injury claim involves a lot of paperwork that you might need help with while focusing on your recovery. You might also need skilled representation at the negotiations table with insurance companies.

And there is nothing to lose when you hire a California slip and fall lawyer early into the case. Besides, you might not be asked to pay any fees upfront, until you win a compensation award. And considering that some legal remedies can only be explored earlier, your case is better filed early. Importantly, witness testimonies and evidence might be intact sooner than later.

Attorneys Using their Extensive Legal Experience to Recover Compensation For Victims

Compensation for slip and fall accidents is subject to several strict requirements. The most important one is that you have to file on time. The slightest form of delay can cost you and your family. You will lose out on the opportunity to receive a fair hearing and just compensation if you are not keen enough.

Our lawyers have been doing this for decades and know how important it is to observe adherence to the timelines. Speak to us today, and we will act fast to safeguard you from losing your right to sue.