If you are the victim of a serious motorcycle accident, there is good news if you possess auto insurance. Your insurance provider can provide a cash settlement for you if you file a timely insurance claim after your motorcycle accident. As a motorcycle accident law firm in Orange County, we know that regardless of whom is at fault, you are still entitled to receive coverage that will handle all of your necessary expenses, such as repair and medical costs.

For individuals that are unfamiliar with the insurance claim process, it can be challenging filing a claim after a motorcycle accident. Read on to learn how you can file your insurance claim to receive your entitled settlement.

Collect Necessary Information

After your accident, it’s critically important to collect any necessary information you can provide to your insurance company. This information includes photos of the accident scene, police reports, witness statements, and video footage of the accident. Although all of this information won’t be acquired easily, you should do your best to obtain the necessary documents that convey the events that led up to the accident and photos of the accident scene, so your insurance company can investigate.

Call Your Insurance Provider

The next step in filing your claim is to call your insurance provider. You can do so by calling the toll-free number on the back of your insurance card and reporting your accident. Begin by telling your provider everything that happened, as well as providing them with the information you received at the accident.

Also, remember that your call will be recorded. Therefore, don’t admit to any fault on the call. By law, insurance companies are supposed to inform you if the call is being recorded. For safety measures, take the initiative of staying silent on the actual fault relating to your accident.

Provide More Information

Once your insurance provider has the information they need, an adjuster will usually reach back out and inquire about the damages you sustained in the aftermath of your accident. For example, your insurance adjuster may ask about the damages your car sustained. It’s important to be honest and provide them with information that answers their question.

On the contrary, your insurance adjuster may also ask for you to sign a release waiver for your medical records if you have reported that you received an injury during your accident. It’s recommended to consult your attorney before doing so, primarily because your insurance company can lower your claim if they find any troubling information about your medical history.

Assessment Of Fault

Finally, your insurance company will use the information you provided to determine the assessment of fault. If you possess no fault in your recent motorcycle accident, you can receive a full settlement. However, if you were determined to be partly at fault, your insurance provider will cover your fault, while the other driver’s insurance provider will handle the remaining percentage.

Overall, you should still receive coverage for your medical expenses and vehicle repair you suffered in your accident.

In short, filing an insurance claim is a relatively straightforward process. For more information regarding a personal injury lawsuit about a settlement, please consult your attorney to receive more details.