Premises liability is an often-complicated legal concept that entails the liability of an entity after an injury. Public properties are usually owned by a county, city, state, or the federal government. Because of this, many people can’t fathom the situation in which a government agency is liable for their injury. As you will find out, these government agencies can actually be held liable in the event that you suffer a personal injury on public property owned by the government. This is how an Orange County premises liability lawyer can help.

Government Agencies Can Be Held Liable

If the government controls or owns a property, it can theoretically be held liable in the event that someone is injured on this property. Under specific circumstances, this liability can go by unchallenged, especially if the injury was blatantly caused by negligence.

For example, one morning Stan wakes up to renew his driver’s license at his local DMV. Once he arrives, he sits in the waiting area anticipating an eventual call to the front desk. However, the chair he is sitting on collapses and, he breaks his wrist in the fall. Under these circumstances, the state government can be held liable because of their negligence of not providing stable equipment in their own building.

It can be challenging understanding how to file your claim if you have been injured on public property but read on to learn about the basics of premises liability claims relating to the statutes of limitations.

You Have Limited Time

If you have been injured on a public property, it is true that the government agencies that own the property can be held liable. However, keep in mind that you only have a limited amount of time to file your claim. In California, most government agencies require you to file your claim within six months before it can be duly considered.

Of course, different public properties have various time periods to file injury claims in the state of California. To effectively file a successful claim, talk to a skilled attorney as soon as possible to ensure that your claim will be filed in time.

You’ll Have A Lot To Prove

Interestingly, few personal injury cases ever make it to court. Most cases are settled out of court in negotiation. Nonetheless, you still have to be cognizant that you have the burden of proof in your case. Even if you have been injured, you must prove that the government was responsible for your injury because of their own negligence.

Collecting evidence and presenting your medical records can force government entities to take your claim seriously and open up the negotiation for you and your attorney.

For premises liability cases, there are circumstances where an owner can be held liable if a personal injury occurs on their property. In the event that you are injured on public property owned by a government agency, don’t be discouraged. Consult with your attorney to learn how you can file an injury claim and collect a settlement commensurate with the extent of your injury and your expenses.