In the broadest sense, premises liability encompasses the liability in which the property owner is at fault for any injuries caused on their property. In most premises liability cases, with the help of an Orange County premises liability law firm, individuals file lawsuits against businesses, corporations, and even government agencies that are negligent enough to cause a personal injury.

However, in the state of California, does this apply to family members or friends that commit the same act? Are there any stipulations to filing a premises liability lawsuit against these individuals?

Naturally, There Is A Moral Dilemma

If you have been injured on the property of a friend or family member, you could be placed in an awkward situation. Even if this person was negligent and directly responsible for your injuries, it could seem morally wrong to immediately file a premises liability lawsuit without trying to work through the issue first. Of course, there is a moral dilemma, but it’s entirely up to you to proceed with a lawsuit.

If you cannot work out a personal arrangement for your friend or relative to compensate you for losses, filing a lawsuit may convince this person that you are serious. Hence, you may not end up settling the lawsuit out of court, or you can continue with the lawsuit if no mutual agreement has been reached. This may be a difficult moral decision, but it could be a necessary decision for you to make for yourself and your family.

You Can Hire A Premises Liability Attorney

If you aren’t certain about whether you should file a lawsuit against your friend or a relative, you should consult with a qualified premises liability attorney to discuss your possible legal options, or even to obtain mediation. It’s reasonable that a lawsuit may burn bridges with your loved one, so hiring a premises liability attorney could be your best alternative to learning what you could do instead of filing a lawsuit.

You Can Move Forward With The Lawsuit

If a premises liability lawsuit is absolutely your last resort and you cannot reach any resolution, filing a lawsuit is necessary. Let’s say that you have suffered a significant injury that has resulted in exorbitant medical bills, loss of income, and continual pain and suffering, and that your friend or relative is indifferent or unwilling to cover these costs.

Certainly, these expenses will affect you, especially if you are unable to cover them. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to file a lawsuit to receive these damages. Generally speaking, if the negligence of your friend or relative caused your injury and they refuse to assist you with your subsequent expenses, it’s fair to state that a lawsuit is in order.

Yes, there is a particular moral dilemma of filing a premises liability lawsuit against a loved one. However, in certain situations, this may be necessary. If you have been injured due to the negligence of a family member or friend, consult with a skilled attorney to learn more about your legal options if you are unsure of your next move.