Orange County Amusement Park Accident Lawyer

Orange County Amusement Park Accident Lawyer
Nobody goes to an amusement park expecting to get hurt.  Millions of people visit amusement parks each year, and rarely are injuries reported.  However, when an injury does occur, victims of negligence or recklessness are entitled to full and fair compensation under the law. If you are injured at an amusement park, you need an experienced Orange County amusement park accident lawyer.

Following any amusement park injuries, accident victims will most likely be contacted by park officials and bombarded with questions.  In the event a person is injured at an amusement park, victims are urged not to speak with park officials and instead to contact a credentialed Orange County amusement park accident lawyer on the Gibson & Hughes team.

Our attorneys are diligent legal advocates who will fight to protect the rights of injury victims while helping them collect the compensation they are entitled to.  Damages may include pain and suffering, lost wages, and lost future wages, among others, but every case will be different.  An accident victim should have his or her claim evaluated by an experienced Orange County amusement park accident lawyer for insight into the merits of the claim, what damages can be expected, and sound legal advice on how to move forward.  An attorney for Gibson & Hughes can offer insight into all three.  We are experienced litigators who can represent our clients both in and out of court and will handle all communications with amusement park officials and representatives for the duration of the legal process.

What clients like most about working with our team is how inclusive and compassionate we are.  We don’t shut our clients out of the legal process and we work hard to ensure all of their concerns are being heard.  With every new development, we explain to our clients what their options are and how best to proceed.  Initial consultations with our firm are free and we don’t charge for our services unless our clients are compensated.

Don’t delay — contact an Orange County amusement park accident lawyer at Gibson & Hughes today.