Orange County Birth Injury Lawyer

Orange County Birth Injury Lawyer
Birth injury, also referred to as birth trauma, describes a physical injury inflicted on the body of an infant during the birthing or delivery process.  It is the responsibility of medical staff to monitor birthing mothers for potential complications and irregularities during the child’s delivery, but when staff is negligent or otherwise fails to properly respond to or monitor the birth, and when that negligence results in a birth injury or birth trauma, the attending physician and certain other members of the medical staff may be held liable for damages. In this case, you need an experienced and aggressive Orange County birth injury lawyer on your side.

Delivering a baby is a delicate process, which is why physicians and medical staff need to be on high alert anytime they are expecting a patient to go into labor or when one has already gone into labor.  Injuries that can be classified as birth injuries include Erb’s palsy, an arm paralysis caused by nerve damage to the shoulder during delivery (when the infant’s shoulders cannot pass through the birth canal after its head), brain injury, and Cerebral palsy.  Although incidents of serious birth injuries are rare, they can have devastating results when they do happen.

An experienced Orange County birth injury lawyer on the Gibson & Hughes team can fight for victims and families of victims of birth injuries.  Our firm has experience handling just this type of sensitive medical malpractice claim – in the past, we have recovered:

$1,400,000 for the California family of a child born brain damaged when medical staff failed to recognize a distress signal from a fetal heart monitor.

Of course, the facts of each case will vary, but speaking with an Orange County birth injury lawyer is the best thing that the parents of a birth injury victim can do to find out whether or not they have a valid personal injury claim.  If they do, the birth injury lawyer will help the family proceed through the legal process of collecting full and fair compensation for injuries sustained by the victim.

Don’t hesitate — contact an experienced Orange County birth injury lawyer at Gibson &  Hughes today.